About Me

Hello modern mini lovers

The idea of A WeeBitTeeny Modern Mini's Inc began for me as an 8 year old girl growing up next door to Barbara's Miniatures in Bakersfield California. I've always dreamed of owning my own miniature shop. After obtaining a BS in Business Finance, and leading a very successful career in real estate for over 17 years, my decision to move on from my corporate days, and start building a business began in September 2011. After five years of traveling the miniature show circuit, and doing research till my eyes were burning, A WeeBitTeeny was finally formed in September 2016. 

I grew up loving contemporary, modern, and traditional interior design and architecture. This made for sourcing similar products on a mass scale in miniature nearly impossible I found. I met the challenge head on traveling to factories across the US and in China, only to realize I needed to hit the super-lotto to make this happen how I had envisioned. I didn't give up, but after scaling it back, and establishing a new plan to build the dream in stages, the quest began. 

As a mother to three wonderful children, I found when you spend lots of money to modernize your child's room, the last thing you want to do is fill it with pink and purple plastic dollhouses, and ugly furniture. Although sourcing and manufacturing remains my number one challenge today, along with pricing, I can at least say, I have started the quest to make modern dollhouse collectables, and play-scale for children and adults. With minimal dollhouse shops left open, and the majority being victorian and vintage style homes and furnishings, the only option for miniatures these days for the mass public shouldn't be Walmart and Target. 

Although I admire the history of the miniature industry, its superb quality and craftsmanship, and its contribution to my childhood, I desire to see it survive for many generations to come. I want to see brick and mortar stores start opening again, and bring back the retail experience like I had growing up. Miniature lovers, I urge you to support one another in business as we make the turn to re-appeal to the mass public, and move towards modern miniature designs so we can see the industry last for generations of kids to come.